This blackout happened a few weeks back.  The story was reincarnated last night when I learned that the two surgeons actually quit their jobs over this incident.  Obviously they were unwilling to sacrifice their professional careers for some weak infrastructure.  Hospitals are required to have a back up power source for such a situation.  The generator at this hospital was not automatically programmed to start when a power failure strikes.  It took hospital officials a few hours to realize they had to start the generator manually. 

Doctors at the Windhoek Central Hospital were on Sunday night forced to abandon surgery after a power outage in the capital affected the medical institution.

Back-up generators failed to kick in after the power went off at around 20h30 – while some doctors were performing surgery.

One doctor, who did not want to be named, said a colleague of his had already started operating on a patient undergoing back surgery when the lights went out and forced them to abandon it.  "They had to sew him up in the dark," he said.  When the patient woke up, he was informed that the surgery had to be postponed.  

"It’s not a safe environment.  We’re going to get in trouble if something happens to a patient," the doctor stated.  "We’ll end up in front of the courts if someone dies," he said.

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