On Sunday after returning from Gross Barmen we had our first experience with theft in Namibia.  We let out guard down, and got burned quick and hot enough to really reopen our eyes.  

We arrived home about 11am on Sunday morning.  We were all quite a bit tired and wiped from the night before.  We entered the house and dumped our belongings down in the front hallway to have a rest in the living room not a few feet away.   Within a few minutes Sebastian went again through the front hallway and noticed that some of our bags were missing.  Upon examining the situation further we saw that all of the three gates leading into our house were wide open giving anyone access to our house from the street! 

Someone had walked into our house took their pick of fully packed bags and strolled back out with the loot!  All the while we were sitting within one metre of the crime scene oblivious to it all!   

Marloes lost a very expensive SLR camera, which luckily was very well insured.  I lost my fully packed bag of clothes from the weekend (at least I did not have to unpack).  Luckily I had packed mostly old clothes for the weekend so I did not lose too much.  The biggest hits were my electric shaver and extra camera battery.

We had the police come by and fill out a report for insurance purposes.  Marloes should get full coverage for her camera, but I am not too sure how to claim my clothes and personal items.  I can only hope that the clothes find their way to someone who really needs them. 

CC BY 4.0 Wake Up Call by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.