Upwards and Onwards: Journey to Zamiba
Day 4: Crossing the Caprivi Strip

Although we did not see any on route. This is a road sign you are very unlikely to see!

We stopped on the road through the Caprivi to sample the famous Caprivian melons. They were rather bitter but super fresh.

A remnant of the not so distant period of unrest in the Caprivi area.

It was quite often that we encountered brush fires roaring by the roadside.

Here we are at the border post about to enter into Zambia. Luckily our visa’s had been arranged by our backpackers in Livingston. The car on the other hand was another story. We were required to buy insurance from a trailer out back. Total charges:

$75 NAM – Automobile Border Tax
$200 NAM – Vehicle Insurance (good for one month)
$300 NAM – Carbon Emissions Tax (Good for six months)

Our first friends in Zambia. We pulled over shortly after crossing the border and litterally stopped traffic as hundreds of school children that were walking along the road returning home from school stopped to have a look at us. Within a few minutes we were best friends and snapped a couple of pictures. Here we have a massive karate kick!

The children would not let us leave before shaking our hands and wishing us the best. So cute!

CC BY 4.0 Journey to Zamiba: Crossing the Caprivi Strip by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.