The Last Supper

For Amy’s last dinner we went to one of the finest dining establishments in all of Namibia. The plush new Namibian Institute for Culinary Education (aka. Nice) is the hottest new spot in Windhoek.

The spacious old Brueckner residence at Mozart St no 2 Windhoek has been architecturally remodeled in the signature style of legendary Namibian architect Leon Barnard to house one of Namibia’s freshest and most exciting initiatives: the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education.

While enjoying an exquisite bottle of Excelsior Cabernet the head Chef of Nice brought around a new sample from the kitchen. Placed before us was Veal Liver atop pears. Can you imagine wanting to eat a baby liver? Well, I though I had better try it, complements of the chef and all. It was pungent to say the least. I only had a very small bit but the taste was left in my mouth for some time. Not recommended.

Amy insisted on three appetizers before dinner. She had roasted vegetables, I had pumpkin soup and we shared a cheese platter. It was a bit excessive, but being her last night we thought we should go all out. For dinner Amy had the pasta with Chicken and olive pesto. I had the Oryx steak. It was a very delightful meal.

Edit: Oops, almost forgot about dessert. I lovely Crème Brule.

As dinner came to a close Amy realized that it would soon be time to go home. Aww…so sad…

Do you see Amy’s face in that last picture? It was much like my face when receiving this bill after agreeing to buy dinner. Thank God for the ol’ TD Visa! Or we would have been washing dishes….

CC BY 4.0 Amy’s Last Supper by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.