I put Amy back on the plane to Canada this morning. It was sad to see her go, but I must get back to reality and more importantly; off the martinis! She will travel 22 hours to her destination in Toronto. Because she is traveling east to west, she will actually arrive tomorrow afternoon. Let’s hope she is not too jetlagged and gets some sleep on the flight out of Africa.

Today felt very strange for me. I was naturally a bit down having to say bye to my sister, but it was the last day of my vacation so I decided I would try and enjoy it. I went to the mall and ate sushi. Then I found a pile of great records in the second hand store. When I got home the mouse for my computer stopped working. I went to the
store to buy a new one and came home with a ps2 mouse…a no go for my laptop. I will have to return it tomorrow. It was cloudy for the first time in months here in Windhoek. It really cast a shadow on the day. But there were bright moments. I found a lucky penny from South Africa (there are no penny’s in Namibia so if you need change for $3.56 at the store they will actually round down so the customer always gets a break) The lucky penny turned out to be a very good omen. My bank account was suddenly rewarded with a very large monthly paycheck. (I mean, excessively large!) Someone must have either screwed up, or there is something I don’t know about. Anyway, I will be cautious as to how I inquire about the bonus.

I will post more pictures from our vacation in due time.

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