First post from my new laptop! No, I did not get the Internet at home, unfortunately. Actually I had to bring my computer into the office to get some updates using the network available here.

Thought it was a good opportunity to do so, as we are currently in the dark at home! I woke up this morning, quite luckily naturally. My alarm clock was dead and there was no power in the house. When I went home for lunch, I was surprised to find that the power was still off in the building. And again after work, I was rather upset to find the power still off and electrical workers scrambling to get it back up and running. Usually power outages are short and sweet, this happens to be the longest one I have experienced. The word from the experts is that we should not expect power until at least tomorrow! So we are in the dark for the night!

Only a few weeks ago we went a weekend without water. It should be noted that all of these problems are limited only to my apartment building. Seems they are having trouble keeping the building maintained! A friend of mine says we, as tenants, should band together and demand a price cut for the days without basic services. I’ll consider it, but I really don’t get too excited about these incidents. It is good to learn to live without such basic expectations.

Got my flashlight handy and had a nice crisp (read cold) salad for dinner. I won’t have to worry about my fridge stock going sour, because it is damn cold outside, actually I would probably be wise to just leave the fridge door open!!

CC BY 4.0 In the Dark by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.