The annual departmental Christmas party is always a great chance to kick back with the people I so rarely get to see on a casual level. There are always good stories to be told and great stories made at this event.

We were a little disappointed with the lodge but the party made up for it. The pool was a little bit small so my colleagues had to improvise in order to have some fun. Trampoline + Pool = Instant Fun.

Sinkala’s new baby.

Getting down…

Spring’Bokkees, thats a mix of mint liquer and Amarulla.

Fresh fish direct from the ocean to your grill. This is Snoek brought in from the coast. It was really nicely done. Seasoned with fresh herbs and sauteed with garlic butter. Just north is a few roosterbrood breads which is another of my favorite treats from the Namibia bri.

Random shots throughout the day…

We left the tub empty.

CC BY 4.0 BCS Staff Party 2007 by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.