Victoria Falls was the farthest point from Windhoek we reached. With roughly 1500 kilometre’s behind us we had to turn around and come back. After passing through Chobe once again we returned into Namibia and the Caprivi Strip. I can’t begin to explain how different the Caprivi is to other areas in Namibia. Having been fortunate to travel West to the coast, across and out East through Botswana, down through the South to South Africa and now through the Northern reaches this year I can honestly reaffirm that Namibia is a widely diverse and incredible country.

We made our stop at Namushasha Lodge which was just south of Kongola in the middle of the strip. As we drove in we had to pull over as a plane was preparing to take off from the gravel road we drove in on. Ok, this is a bit strange. As it turns out Namushasha lodge was overrun with amateur pilots for the long weekend. So we saw quite a few interesting planes taking off and flying around the skies. They were not too noisy and did not disturb our peace. When checking in we were told that one of the planes had crash landed that morning. The staff were having a good laugh about this….casual!!!

We arrived slightly late in the day so had time to set up camp and watch the sunset. We also had a lovely dinner at the lodge and sat out after dinner playing dominoes on the deck.

Clouds reflecting off the still river water with a fallen tree providing an interesting dynamic.

This was the living situation for the 5 nights of our trip. This was the last night I spent in the tent. Aside from the adventures I had in previous nights, I had an overall wonderful experience sleeping in the tent. I had a couple of foam mattresses to cushion my bed and my sleeping bag was warm enough for all the elements. Juan’s car has a tent that opens from the roof which is a great convenience for an avid camper like him. You just park the car pop the roof and lay the sleeping bag. It even has a mattress built in!!!

Woke up early and took a walk down to the runway that was located near the campsite. Also spotted this lovely Baobab tree.

The site also has a village which seeks to educated tourists on traditional living on the Caprivi.

Sitting out on the deck after breakfast was a real treat. We were perched alongside a river with tall trees swaying in the breeze. I have to say it really took me back to cottage country in Canada. Even had the Muskoka chairs to compliment the deck. Can anyone confirm if these are a Canadian invention/design?

My fantastic traveling companions Juan and Maria. Maria is reading about snakes in the South African region…just in case!

It was a beautiful restful morning. We sat out for a few hours watching the birds and enjoying the silence. I loved it.


CC BY 4.0 Three Country Tour: Day 5 – Back on the Caprivi Strip by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.