The Auas Rotaract club in Windhoek had a year end fun day for the children of Hope Village Namibia. We had 53 children join us at the Katatura Swimming pool for a day of swimming, jumping, dancing, laughing and some pleasant surprises.

This baby had some pretty good moves…

But our friend Pepe had them all beat.

Santa Claus made an appearance!!!

Santa Claus scared some of the little ones. But they eventually warmed up to him.

Santa brought gifts for all the children.

The kids were so sweet that some of us wanted to take them home!!!

We had a small after party following the event. Kapana was served and devoured. Kapana is heavily seasoned barbecued meat. The kapana we ate was bought from the market, frozen at home, and reheated for the party. It was surpirisingly great!!!

CC BY 4.0 Rotaract Fun Day by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.