Welcome to my new site now powered by WordPress.  WordPress should allow me more control over the design of the site, and allow me to access (and make use of!) the needed administration panels and database controls.  One of the major issues I had with blogger was that I could not easily back up my site on my own. Although safely so, I had to rely on Google to take care of my site.

Blogger is a great blogging tool and I would recommend it to anyone who likes an easy and simple interface for blogging.  Since I have have the web design experience I wanted a little more of a challenge for my site so hopefully wordpress can offer me that without too many of the headaches.

I decided to import my old posts into wordpress which was really easy using the following process:

1. Switch from FTP publishing to blogspot publishing.  This creates two copies of my site, one on blogspot and the original on bluelightdistrict starting at the blogger.html page.  None  of the links to images, etc were affected in the proces which was by far my greatest fear before doing this.

2. Using wordpress import, access the blogspot blog and import.  It only took about 2 minutes to inport my 350 posts.

3. Manage traffic, links, users so that they can find me!!! I am still working on this.  Many of my old links will still point to the original blogger site which I am still hosting.  Hopefully I can build in some dynamics so that they can still reach this new site from there.

CC BY 4.0 A New Start for 2009-Update Your Bookmarks!! by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.