A Creative Commons image from Rev Guzman

I have been a little unfaithful with the bluelightdistrict lately. In fact I have been sneaking around and blogging to a totally different blog. I know she is very jealous but I have promised to give her more attention. In the meantime you can find out what I have been up to in my work at the University of Cape Town on this blog.

You may have noticed that I recently made some changes to the area of my site where I claim rights over all of the content.  I went over to a Creative Commons license so that people in the web world could know they were free to use my pictures as long as they adhered to the very clear guidelines built into the license.   This may make me famous and should’nt let me feel wronged as long as the license is abided by.  I would love to hear what some of my friends think about this.

This is all due to the nature of the work I have been doing at UCT.  My attitudes and understanding of online content is changing rapidly.  Have a look see and feel free to contribute if you like!

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