Our friends invited us to the Grand West Hotel and Casino complex for a complimentary evening last Saturday.  It sounded great as both Kim and I had a rough month, with colds and flu taking us out of commission.  It was great to just escape the city the little we did.  The fact that the mountain was obscured by extreme cloud cover made it even more like being ‘away’.

We had a great time, mostly walking around the complex and we also had a lovely dinner.  The dinner was also included so we went a bit overboard.  After dinner we discovered an ice rink where hundreds of kids were circling.  I was quite shocked and overjoyed to see the ice rink.  It was really neat to introduce Kim into one of our Canadian traditions, although not really one of mine 😉  We did not fall, however our friend did and suffered a minor cut after someone ran over the side of his finger.

CC BY 4.0 Grand West Hotel and Casino by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.