U2 is in Cape Town playing at the Cape Town stadium. Finally that beautiful stadium will be full again. Sadly I missed the opportunity to get tickets, as even though I am not a huge U2 fan, it would be amazing to see the stadium full and rocking again after the World Cup 2010. The concert is happening right now and I am watching the tweet stream, apparently it is an amazing show.

I decided to go up to Signal Hill to get a view of the stadium as it filled to capacity (80,000 + in attendance).  Many others had the same idea, many with lawn chairs, drinks and snacks to watch the entire concert.  From the hill we could actually hear the opening act pretty well.  Didn’t stay for the whole concert, but have been listening to it live stream and it sounds great.  I stayed only for the sunset as I still had to hike back down.  It was an amazing experience hiking up to Signal Hill for the sunset and catching the stadium in action.  I smell a Friday tradition!

CC BY 4.0 U2 Concert from Signal Hill by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.