After the 18 kilometre hike on Saturday I did nearly 22 kilometres in a kayak around Nanaimo bay on Sunday.  With friends we rented sea kayaks from Alberni Outpost in departure bay.  We set off around Protection Island, then traversing the back side of Newcastle Island, around Jessie Island and then out to Pipers Points and Shack Island in the north end.  Although calm winds on this day, the seas were fairly rough yet our kayaks held up and no one ended up in the surf.

One memorable moment was on our way back crossing the channel where the B.C. Ferries connect to Vancouver Island, my friend and  I were deciding whether it was safe to cross the channel; he said, Ill just poke my nose out around this island – and at that moment the massive ferry sounded its horn and began charging out in front of us!  It goes without saying we allowed the massive vessel to cross.  The wake from the ferry was a thrill to pass as well 🙂

CC BY 4.0 Sea Kayaking around Nanaimo by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.