Since we had set ourselves up so nicely the afternoon before we had almost a full day of paddling ahead of us in the Tofino Inlet.  Having gone from a lake, to a river, to the ocean we were thrilled at the variety we had experienced during the trip.  The waters in the inlet were as calm as Kennedy Lake so we had a leisurely paddle around the islands and up into the north end of Deer Bay.  Shawn told us of a beautiful waterfall called Virgin Falls, even farther up the road which we could hear from the bay something to visit on the next trip.

After a few hours paddling we packed up and head out the 25 km towards the Pacific Rim highway.  During the last mile Shawn’s car started making some pretty scary noises, as it turns out we had busted a strut on the rough back roads.  After consulting a service station we determined that he could drive home on it, albeit slowly.

We made a last stop at Hanks BBQ in Ucluelet for a proper meal post trip.  I had the ribs which were amazing; most likely the best robs I have had at a restaurant ever.  Highly recommend Hanks if you are Ucluelet.

CC BY 4.0 Kennedy Lake Camping Trip Day 3: Deer Bay, Tofino Inlet by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.