In Aberdeen we found the Sucher & Sons Star Wars memorabilia shop which was quite a trip.  We learned that Aberdeen was the birthplace of Kurt Cobain the legendary artist from Nirvana.  We had a quick lunch at Billy’s Bar and Grill then hit the road.

Crossing the Columbia River out of Washington, our next stop was Astoria the northernmost coastal town in Oregon.  Astoria is known for being a part of the filming locations for the classic 80’s film “The Goonies”.  We made a special trip to the Goonies house which was not as easy to find as one might imagine.  We checked out the Astoria Column for great views of the Columbia River.  In Astoria we also managed to visit two breweries, the Wet Dog Brewery and the Fort George Brewery. Astoria was a cool little town and we could have easily spent some more time there, but we had to move on and Seaside was the destination.

We arrived in Seaside late Sunday evening, and made a quick trip to the Seaside Brewing Pub which is built in an old jail.  In fact the spot where the kegs are stored is the former drunk tank.  Here we tried the most marvellous Oregonian Bourbon, called C.W. Irwin.   It might have been the time and place, but this was some of the best bourbon I have had neat.  The bar closed early, so we proceeded to the beach where it was very easy to procure supplies for a fire and smores on the beach!

In the morning we head south from Seaside exploring the  Devils Punch Bowl and many beaches on the way.


CC BY 4.0 West Coast Road Trip Part 2: Aberdeen, Astoria, Seaside by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.