The snow from a few weeks ago has pretty much melted here in Nanaimo but there is still plenty up in the mountains.  Mount Washington had a late start this year but it seems they are having a pretty good late season with plenty of snowfall on the mountain.  Hope the skiers and snowboarders are having a good run, as it really came late this year.

My hiking club organized a snowshoe hike this past saturday, launching from Raven Lodge on Mount Washington.  We had fresh snowfall as we set off into the woods, crossing a frozen lake and heading up towards Mount Alan Brooks.  We did not make the summit but came quite close.  In the end we snowshoed for a total of 6 hours, with a good deal of the trip breaking fresh tracks through the snow which can be very tough.  At the end if the day I was completely exhausted!


Paddling around Newcastle Island

Since I blew out my legs on Saturday it seemed logical to give them a rest on Sunday.  So I organized a day kayaking trip with my friend Matt.  This was my first chance to try out my new kayak, which I purchased a couple weeks ago.  I was quite happy with the way the boat handled in the water and I look forward to more kayaking adventures!


CC BY 4.0 Snow to Surf Weekend! by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.