The first day of my exploring Alaska south of Anchorage went smoothly.  I picked up the rental car without a hitch and headed south on highway 1 out of Anchorage.  Not far south of Anchorage you enter the Chugach State Forest and a number of hiking trails open up right from the highway going up the mountains overlooking the Turnagain Arm and Cook Inlet.  I was vey curious, but not brave enough to hike these trails alone, so had to push on.

As I went further south past the point of the Turnagain Arm and into the heart of the Chugach Forest, the expletives which escaped my lips were frequent.  I could not believe the beauty around me: the mountains which rose right out of the sea and soared to incredible heights; the mountain passes through endless valleys with snow capped mountains beyond; the crystal blue lakes with seas of beautiful green foliage bathed in the sun of 18 hour summer days.   It was incredible and I swore like a hobo with each and every turn of the highway.

Late in the afternoon I arrived in Seward, a little ocean town which thrives on fishing and cruise ship visits.  I pitched my tent at the Seward Waterfront Park and made tracks for the local Alaska Sealife Centre Aquarium.  The museum was great gave and me a chance to learn about the local sea life and get close to some of the animals.  I particularly enjoyed the chance to get a close viewing of the Alaskan Puffin, a beautiful orange beaked, black and white bird.

The following morning I hiked the  Exit Glacier just outside of Seward with some friends I met from the campsite.  The plan was to take a boat trip to the other end of the glacier, where it meets the sea, in the afternoon.  So it was neat to see both ends of the glacier during the day.

CC BY 4.0 Seward: Alaska Trip by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.