We drove to the northern tip of Vancouver Island to explore the legendary Cape Scott trail. I had done this hike before but it was a first for Brittany. The hike to Nels Bight at Cape Scott is 17 kilometres through the forest which is extremely mucky in parts, past lakes, rivers, former settlements and a giant marsh. When we finally hit the beach, we literally fell into the sand and made our camp. We scored an excellent campsite on this trip which included a makeshift hammock made from fishing net.

We enjoyed our first evening frolicking on the beach with lovely weather. The following day we hiked another 7 kilometres to the Cape Scott lighthouse. I really enjoy this leg of the trail as there are some marvelous beaches between Nels Bight and Experiment Bight. Experiment Bight is also unique as it is a narrow strip of beach with the ocean on each side. The Cape Scott lighthouse is also well worth a visit.

We hiked out the following day, with plans to join friends at San Josef Bay for another two nights. After hiking the 17km back out we opted to go for lunch at the local pub in Holberg before joining our friends. At San Josef Bay we had a lovely time sharing campfires and walks on the beach with friends.

Due to the fact that we were camping for 5 nights we only snapped a limited amount of photos. I did manage to capture this video from the trip with my video camera.

CC BY 4.0 Cape Scott Hiking Trip by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.