My friend Mat and I made a quick trip up to Strathcona Provincial Park to hike the Flower Ridge Trail. I do not have a great deal of experience backpacking into the alpine, as I have  largely traditionally done coastal trips. This was my second time hiking up and staying over in the alpine, following a successful trip up to Wesley Ridge last year. I do hope to explore more alpine backpacking in the future. Strathcona Provincial Park seems to be a bit of a playground for outdoor activity and adventuring.

From the trail head, the lower Ridge Trail passes through the lovely old growth forest with a steady elevation gain to 1,040 meters. We found the incline quite gradual until you get near the ridge. Once upon the ridge you are greeted by a beautiful panoramic view of the snow capped mountains in the area. You also get a great perspective on the south end of Buttle Lake and the estuary which feeds it. A rough estimate of our route is shown below. If you are looking to hike Flower Ridge, I encourage you to access the official route here. However, the trail is easily followed right up to the ridge.

A very rough estimate of our route up Flower Ridge in Strathcona Provincial Park

I have to be honest, I was expecting sun, warmth, and bathing in the crystal blue tarns. What we found on the ridge in June was … snow, lots of it! We survived the chilly evening with a good meal and were treated to a pretty sweet sunset. I certainly do want to go back here later in the summer and explore the ridge exposed without snow.

CC BY 4.0 Flower Ridge Alpine Hike by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.